The 6th Day

The 6th Day

DVD - 2001
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Adam is an ace pilot in the very near future who is having a serious identity crisis. An evil corporation illegally cloned him, and now they're trying to kill him to hide the evidence. Torn from his beloved family and faced with a shocking exact duplicate of himself, Adam races against time to reclaim his life and save the world from the underground cloning movement.


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Jun 13, 2017

Who said Arnold can't act? He had the look, the moves and delivered his lines perfectly with just right facial and body languages. And this sci-fi might seem far-fetched then, as cloning/genetic engineering, self driving cars, virtual girlfriend ... a fridge that asked "You're getting low on milk" etc, are closer to reality today. A gem from the past.

Jul 12, 2012

The Mocha guy who made his comment here gives his body height as 189cm to scare anyone likely to disagree with his views. Well, I am only 178cm high, but I am of the opinion that this Schwartzy movie means more than just entertainment for eating big sandwiches and belching beer gas. The meaning of this movie is far more than the cool airplanes or sound effects. The clones are for real, and even big beefy guys will be replaced by those clones that will be peaceful, not threatening. The time of bullies who caused so much trouble for humanity so far is to come to an end in the not so far future. The definition of being a "human" is being redifined scientifically just now, and the clones and genetically perfected, peaceful humans will gradually replace the old-type humans. Those who don't think can spend their time until then with eating big and belching big. I think that those who don't think don't enter the category of humans.

Mocha6ft3 Jun 29, 2012

I have quite a few Arnold movies in my collection. And this in one of them. I did enjoy the sound, but the story and visual effects are much more interesting. So please play this film on your HOMETHEATER. One of my favorite scenes for sound and visual effects is when Arnold and his buddy are testing an aircraft by remote control. These helicopters/jets are so cool, as Arnold and his buddy fly one aircraft while flying behind and side by side the remote controled aircraft. I like the sound of the aircrafts as they change from helicopter to jet and take off. This is a good movie and worth the 3 and half stars. For a very good story, good visual effects, good sound effects, and a very cool aircraft. A half a pound of beef. Make two large hambugers with one slice of apple, pineapple, american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, and 4 slices of whole wheat bread. 20oz Coke.

Jun 26, 2012

Good movie, and it's not fiction either. It's about the cloning of humans and animals to create new exact copies of their bodies, and the content of their brains can also be downloaded into the brand-new body. This movie is in fact a promotion of the cloning process, and in the movie only the positive sides of it are mentioned: bring back your Granny or favorite pet, or even to put the contents of your own mind into a new body, which is yr exact copy. This is no fiction! I heard on talk radio and inn 2007 I saw even a video clip of the TV program from Austin, Texas, Channel 16, where the host said that in the USA a cloned man had been shown on local TV in 1977. The clone was an exact copy of his father, and this cloned copy was created in a tank in 14 months. The Swartzenegger movie shows quick cloning processes, which are probably not realistic, but the technology exists. I heard on talk radio also that lawyers are being prepared to defend the rights of the cloned people, who will, so it seems, soon appear among us. Science can be used for good and for bad purposes, and decide it for yourself, if cloning isn't dangerous. But the idea of perfecting today's man is legitimate, because human nature hasn't improved a bit over the millennia, and with the wild animal nature we have, where the intelligence practically serves the animal side of man, has taken us into a world full of wars and crises, and no nice talk has worked so far. So something has to be done, but it's not the animalistic, selfish crowd that will solve the earth's enormous problems.


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Jun 13, 2017

A nice set of quotes in IMDb:

But there are many more funny lines from Arnold and Rooker (as Marshall,) a few examples:

Do I look any different to you?
-Oh, gee. You shaved your moustache.
Never had a moustache.
-Oh. Then no.
When I said you should screw yourself, I didn't mean for you to take it literally.
Never aging. Perfect in every way.
-Perfect? Like you?
Adam to guard: My daughter is right inside that door. Now, I don't want to expose her to any graphic violence. She already gets enough of that from the media. Put your weapons down. Nice and easy. Good. Now, when you go inside, you say... have a nice flight.
Guard to Adam's daughter Clara: Have a nice flight, little girl.
Adam to Clara: Friends of daddy's.

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