I hated this book simply because it was STUPID. The author apparently became enamored of the idea of the villain and couldn't be bothered to think about the actual story. SPOILER ALERT: The villain can control zombies, including the heroes turned into zombies which is why he has any chance at all in the big showdown. While the villain is no genius it is the heroes that are the real morons.

For most of the book the heroes don't know that the zombies can be controlled by the bad guys. They know, however, that there are zombies and there is no hope of a cure. There are at least three superheroes who could virtually wipe out all the zombies in the area by themselves, but, of course, they don't. So, in other words, the heroes can't be bothered to be actively protect the people they've sworn to protect even though, in a flash back near the end of the book, St. George (a/k/a the Dragon) was doing just that before deciding to stop and hole-up in a studio with everyone else.

FYI the main heroes are:
1) a weaker version of Superman but still pretty impressive and bulletproof so no fear of zombie bites (St. George)
2) a version of the human torch only think more lightning and electricity (Zzzap)
3) a clunkier and bigger version of Ironman (Cereberus)
4) a female ninja genius with guns, so a Batman type (Stealth) and
5) Gorgon who temporarily drains strength from people who look into his eyes (becoming stronger himself) but his power doesn't work on zombies.

What is REALLY STUPID about all this is that it is completely unnecessary for the heroes to be stupid. The Superheroes could have been smart, wiped the local zombies out and began rebuilding the way any normal person would have and the bad guy could have just called in zombies from outside the area. That would have been a good book. As it is, this is now the worst book I have read all the way through.

PS- I didn't make a point of noting the timeline but at one point it becomes clear that the zombie apocalypse is 2 years old. So, even though the heroes are led by a genius, and have been holed up for something like 18 months they have NOT prepared any fall back positions even though the need for them should be obvious. As a result the heroes have no choice but subdue the people they are supposed to be protecting when word of the bad guy's impeding attack arrives. Otherwise those morons were going to go running out of their walled compound to make it even easier for the zombies to eat them. This author just loves writing about stupid people way too much for me.

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