We will just have to agree to disagree. I liked this book. It's not the "sword of truth" but it is something. I hope he is working on a marathon and not a sprint. There were books in the "SOT" that I did not like but kept with it.

I love that Richard is being forced to learn new things and and overcome. If he was super war wizard it would take the journey out of it. He would just have need and stop time plug up hole in the kingdom, kill this guy and back to peace in the midlands.

I think the general dying (is a total give my life for the better of my wife and king, was a great death. Complete sacrifice. That is the kind of husband and general you want on your side.) will make the Cara character come back as a complete sociopath again. More mord-smith less squirrel feeder.

And lastly, I love the fact that the main adversary (the resurrected guy) actually has respect for Richard for once. I think this will make the future battles much better and so much harder to win. So hopefully they head back to the wizards keep and we learn more back ground on the wizards of old, and hopefully they learn some new kick *** magic.

liamgray's rating:
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