This book follows the now-familiar DK design format: Attractive, short, bite-size entries with visual appeal that matches the short-form text. Easy on the eyes, with brief, informative, and generally reliable information.

Two criticisms: First, who wrote this book? There is nothing at all in the cataloguing of the book (nor in the Kindle version of the book, which I purchased) that tells us the names, qualifications, or other publications of the writers. Second, a specific cavil that for this reviewer set off alarms. The as-noted anonymous author went out of his/her way to cite, and compliment, economist Arthur Laffer--who is credited with a now-discredited theory that government tax revenue is inversely related to tax rates. It's Laffer's theory that Dick Cheney 'bought' and then sold to Ronald Reagan, whose later "trickle-down" claims (still in use; the Republicans in the Trump era have repeated the error) were in large part based on this theory. To me, this citation, and a favorable and gratuitous entry for libertarian Ayn Rand, suggest a reactionary stance on the part of the author.

For a reliable critique of "the Laffer Curve," see....

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