For the Christian fiction and World War II romance enthusiast, Sarah Sundin returns with the second installment in her waves of Freedom series.
As usual, Sarah is crafty at recreating the situations and realties during World War 2. In this story the reader learns how soldiers struggled with the treatment and acceptance of combat fatigue. Sarah also sheds light on the desperation and sophistication of drug rings. Of course the reader is not spared the harsh realities of war, and how it affected the confidence and future of its survivors.
Sarah Sundin books are always something to be savored, and she always creates believable characters with unique but relatable struggles.
Archer, Jim’s best friend is back from book one ; still handsome, still under a yoke of guilt, and even more insecure about his wealth.
The heroine Lillian, (Jim’s sister) is struggling to find acceptance after a broken relationship in her past.
They both will ultimately conquer the events and learn to mature together.
I did like Archer and Lillian’s story even though the events in the book were a little sad for me (but that's war stories).

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