Miracle Cure --- by --- Michael Palmer.
Wow! Like this is this story about this doctor, see. Except he starts taking his own drugs until he’s booted out of the doctor’s club. For just a little while, see. Then he becomes a doctor again, a really good one. So this hospital gives him a doctoring job and everything is fine until he figures out the big bad hospital has hopped into bed with a big bad hospital and both of them are faking the results of test trials of this super new drug.
So this book is written by this author who’s also written a whole bunch of other books I want to read.
And so there’s this novel that’s really fun to read. It kinda makes you get p.o.’d about the drug company that’s owned by this Russian mafia. I got p.o.’d at drug companies, Russia, the mafia, hoodlum hospital C.O.s and a whole bunch of other things.
You gotta, like, read this book ‘cause it’ll like make you p.o.’d.

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