Aug 15, 2017ZE1TGE15T rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Fast paced fantasy with lots of twists. Filled with different conflicting kingdoms, Giants, werewolves Wyrms and a neat lil' talking crow. Craf the Crow is just awesome. I'll start with the bad. The dialog in this book is very bad. There was an extreme overuse of the words: Huh, aye, and bairn. Most dialog in this novel may look like this: "yeah, he's just a bairn though." someone said. "Aye, you aren't lyeing there" "Huh" someone replied. The use of Old English is a little off-putting, but is certainly something that can be overcome. I can't even count how many times a character was supposed to respond or say something important and all they say is "Aye" or "Huh". It's like the author just wrote this great exciting novel and just fudged the dialog so he could hurry through the plot. But after writing it he forgot to go back and actually WRITE DIALOG. About a hundred pages in I was about to abandon this book. However, I've seen good reviews on it so I stuck with it. I'm glad I did. It gets exponentially better if you can stomach the first bad hundred pages or so. The betrayals and mysteries in this book were really awesome. There were scenes where characters became really awesome or evil, and that really compelled me. The story was edge of the seat all the way through it's end. It definitely points to a sequel, and I'm excited for that. If this novel had better dialog and was smoother between the transitions of jumping a few months ahead in time with characters, then I'd give it a near perfect rating. The dialog alone made me want to rate it a 3, but the plot redeemed it so much.