Mar 24, 2021betsymarzoni rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
An engrossing book about actual people who worked at or frequented the actual American Library in Paris (which is still in operation) just before, during, and after the Nazi occupation during World War II, this is another testament to the librarians who share their love of books and are dedicated to their "subscribers". The story is narrated by a fictional character, Odile, as she navigates her way to adulthood under trying circumstances and real dangers. There is some bouncing between Odile's life in Paris and her later years when she resides in Froid, Montana and becomes a guide for another teenager, Lily, who is dealing with her mother's death, her father's remarriage, and the usual tribulations of teenage years. The novel is heavily researched, compelling, and the action in Paris reminds us how so many people can impact our world. To quote Charles, "language is the gate that we can open and close on people".