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May 10, 202121221018293347 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Another good novel by a great author, and quite timely at this time of Covid. The main character, Julia Power, is interesting and compassionate. Setting: a maternity ward for women suffering from the 1918 influenza. The story explores the developing relationship with Bridie. Other characters represents: a man returning from WWI with shell shock; the affluent woman; the woman who is there for the birth of her 12th child; the young unwed mother from the Mother and Child home; the young first time mother; the Sinn Fein doctor whose critical care of the woman is overshadowed by her need to hide from arrest; the young woman raised in a convent and is expected to 'repay' the convent for raising her. The whole novel is a glimpse into one small ward treating pregnant women who are suffering from the influenza of 1918.