Victoria the Queen

An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled An Empire
May 17, 2021mimsipod rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
In the days of COVID-19, having good books to read and good TV series to watch has been a very important distraction for me. I was enchanted by the PBS series “Victoria”, and was motivated from there to read this book. The TV series did not depict Queen Victoria in the same depth as the book, of course. And Jenna Coleman is beautiful as the Queen, whereas the book includes photos of the real Queen, wherein one can see that she was not beautiful. However, her personality was a very strong one, and her strengths and flaws were laid out in more detail in the book. I learned a great deal about the living conditions of the 1800s in England, and the momentous progress made in improving them, despite the Queen’s general disinterest in ordinary people. Ironically, she was emotionally dependent on their love and adoration for her. I came to appreciate her as a real human being, not just a historical figure. Most ironically, Queen Victoria was the most powerful woman in the world in her time, and yet was not in favour of women’s rights. These days, I am thinking about Queen Elizabeth II, whose 73 year marriage ended with the death of her husband, Prince Philip, last month. There are noticeable similarities. This book includes interesting photographs and is well-sourced.